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For you to begin the path in investing in biotechnology, here are some website links to help you along the way.
Biotechnology Links:    

bd14691_.gif (185 bytes) Biotechnology Industry Organization - is the world's largest biotechnology organization, providing advocacy, business development and communications services for more than 1,150 members worldwide.

          bd15132_.gif (185 bytes) BioSpace - Online biotech e-magazine

bd14691_.gif (185 bytes) Biotech Dictionary - searchable online dictionary of biology, chemistry and biotechnology terms

bd15132_.gif (185 bytes) BioWorld - Worldwide Biotechnology News and Information Source

bd14691_.gif (185 bytes) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)

bd15132_.gif (185 bytes) Center Watch Clinical Trials Listing Service - International listing of clinical trial recruitment..

bd14691_.gif (185 bytes) Drug InfoNet - Provides information and links to areas on the web concerning healthcare and pharmaceutical-related topics.

bd15132_.gif (185 bytes) FDA Drug and Device Product Approvals

bd14691_.gif (185 bytes) FDA News

bd15132_.gif (185 bytes) National Center for Biotechnology Information - A comprehensive website on biotechnology. 

bd14691_.gif (185 bytes) Phrma - This site, sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association, provides coverage of what's in clinical trials, broken down by indication.

bd15132_.gif (185 bytes) Reuters Healthline - Dailey news on healthcare topics.

bd14691_.gif (185 bytes) Bio SmartBrief - email sign-up for dailey biotech news

bd15132_.gif (185 bytes) Yahoo! Biotech News

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