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BioPortfolio Inception Date

April 1997
Initial Investment $60,336

Total Value as of Dec. 31, 2015


Performance since inception


Performance, Year-to-Date


Number of Stocks in BioPortfolio



BioTech Stock Report's BioPortfolio is a basket of approximately 21-24 stocks that allows our subscribers to track the performance of stock recommendations made in our report. It is updated as according to factors such as market conditions, valuations, events, clinical data, quarterly earnings report, etc.
In addition, new companies that are added to this list are selected only for their technology leadership, without consideration of their current share price or the appropriate timing of an investment decision. The presence of a company on the list is not a recommendation to buy shares at the current price. Reference Price is the company's closing price on the Reference Date, the day the company was added to the table, typically the last trading day of the month prior to publication. However, we will issue "buy" recommendations on companies we believe to be undervalued and "sell" recommendations on stocks we deem overvalued.
It should not be assumed that recommendations in the BioPortfolio will be profitable or equal the performance of other securities mentioned. Recommendations and advice are given with the understanding that the readerassumes all risks involved and that the publisher is not making any guarantee as to any predicted results.

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